MyGMMS WordPress Plugin

I just “made” my first WordPress Plugin, MyGMMS, adapting older GMMS plugin in order to add the MyMaps features!

GMMS plugin (Google Maps Made Simple) is a plugin by Trimbitas Sorin-Iulian. It is a simlpy php script that inserts some js Google Maps APIs commands to represent the map.

It did work fine, but documentation wasn’t ok. Besides, I was interested on adding the MyMaps features to this plguin to show my KML objects in the maps.

The changes have been simples: I changed the map version to GMap2 API, then I added a new parameter that identifies the KML id, and finally I add this layer (overlay) to the map.

Although the plugin relies under GNU v2 License, I’m contacting Trimbitas to make him know about this new release in order to unify both versions.

Meanwhile (and afterwhile…) you can use MyGMMS version, it’s also under GNU v2 License terms! Download here! MyGMMS Plugin

Just add this line to your blog:

#GMAP_SIT ("3.247833@41.918118|8|

Where params are:


REMEMBER: Don’t add breaklines and remove the blank between GMAT_SIT and the (“….”)!!

UPDATE: See more detailed instructions and how to set up the values in this other post!

UPDATE (10/9): Updated to version 1.3 to have multiple maps support! Check this post!


  1. It works! Now all I’ve got to do is figure out what all those numbers mean! I’ll get back to you. In the meantime, Bosco, thank you!

    1 August, 2007
  2. said:

    Creo que no funciona en WordPress 2.2, o al menos a mi no…

    9 August, 2007
  3. said:

    Yo uso WordPress 2.2… Dime qué es lo que te está pasando a ver si te puedo echar una mano!

    10 August, 2007
  4. said:

    Hi and thanks!
    The only one plugin able to make it work both in IE and Firefox!!!!!
    Just have a question: How is it possible to change the default view of the map? It is set to : mixt (map+satellite). I would like to have it as a single map.
    Thanks for your help,

    11 August, 2007
  5. said:

    Currently you can not choose the default view, it could be a new feature to add in next releases.
    However, if you feel like hacking the code, just have a look at the plugin file, at line 189 change that value to G_NORMAL_MAP

    11 August, 2007
  6. said:

    Bosco, gracias por este genial plugin,
    Estaba buscando hace tiempo algo similar pero no conseguía este resultado, es impresionante.

    14 August, 2007
  7. […] los mapas. Pero como era opensource, miré el código, hice un par de retoques, y voilá, nació MyGMMS y ahora podemos tener MyMaps dentro de WordPress, por supuesto, opensource. Hasta hace pocos días, […]

    10 September, 2007

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