FAQ about "Secret Word" (English)

(This FAQ has been translated using Babelfish… sorry I’m in a hurry)
Is the “Secret Word” a password?
Not exactly. It will not be based (or it will have a reversible coding), and is not critic who nobody knows it, since finally you will need password real to finalize process (the username gives back your “secret to you Word”, and if she is indeed yours, you can introduce password of the account.

If they know my username, can anyone obtain my “Secret Word”?
No. Only the Bills, since it is needed a user and password registered as Bill to be able to accede to this consultation

And what if a Bill makes consultations in series to compile all secret words?
Fon can apply mechanisms to control the behavior of the Bills. If a suspicious use is detected it could investigate to this Bill.

If I am Linus, so that I want to use this?
So that you do not want that anyone remains with your user and password, and can accede to the network with your identity.

And if a Bill, in spite of using this mechanism, remains with my data?
It can happen, but also it can happen to you when payments in one tend, powerboat, restaurant… Of this form you have a reference at least of where you have used your VISA, and thus to be able to identify suspects

Do I need to register themselves like Linus or Bill and to have wifi to use this secret Word?
It is not necessary. With filling up a simple form of Alien it is sufficient

I am in the page of Fon and nonencounter nothing. What happens?
It is that still I have not commented it to Martín… is everything in my head and this blog.

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